Gem of the cross-southern high

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Located in the mountains of Liugui in Kaohsiung, Baolai Community is rich in tourism resources like its famous hot springs, rafting, and local Chinese plum orchards, which attract hoards of tourists in early spring to delight in the plum blossoms. Despite this, local tourism has dramatically changed since the Morakot typhoon disaster in 2009, when over two meters of rain was dumped in the blink of an eye. The typhoon's onslaught caused devastating landslides and flooding in Kaohsiung’s mountains, destroying roads and the once-booming tourism industry.

The rebuilding of roads in the area has a long way to go, but Baolai residents refuse to give up. Baolai Community has worked unflinchingly over the last nine years to become a model for other communities and is a reminder to everyone about the cost of natural disasters.




Gem of the cross-southern high